Apple takes smartphone sales crown from Samsung

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple was a leader in smartphone sales in the last quarter of last year, capturing the crown from Samsung, according to market trackers.

According to International Data Corporation estimates, Apple sold about 73.8 million iPhones this quarter in the fourth quarter due to the popularity of its latest models in the US and Europe and cheaper phones in other parts of the world.

Apple, which has been cheaper than Samsung for some point, “is increasing thankfulness to decrease iPhone 11 costs and stronger interest in Asia and North America,” remarked Neil Muston of Strategy Analytics, whose separate review also explained that Apple last quarter was an introduction. ,

Samsung has been “recovering for some time thanks to cheaper iPhone 11 prices and healthier demand in Asia and North America,” said Neil Muston of Strategy Analytics, whose separate survey also showed that Apple was in the lead last quarter.

IDC interpreter Melissa Chau, IDC interpreter Melissa Chau, thinks that the Chinese smartphone creator Huawei has prevailed a powerful performer in its internal business, but the selling of incentive models has become a hit in Western Europe next US commands.

“For Huawei, everything will look complicated, given that the trade war has not yet been resolved, while the new uncertainty associated with the Wuhan coronavirus can potentially have an adverse effect not only on Huawei, but also on all players depending on the Chinese supply chain smartphones, ”Chow said.

According to IDC, during the quarter, Huawei shipped 56.2 million smartphones, which is seven percent less than the same period a year earlier.

Samsung remained the leader in smartphone sales last year, and it is expected that the market will expand as 5G networks are created and new synchronized smartphones are launched.

According to IDC and Strategy Analytics surveys, for the entire year, total smartphone sales fell by about one percent, despite the upward trend in the fourth quarter.

IDC announced purchases of 368 million mobile phones in 2019, matched with 373 million a year old, the third seasonal drop.

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