Facebook’s Sir Nick Clegg criticised over WhatsApp security

Security researchers have probed Facebook accounts administrator Sir Nick Clegg for his response to hacking Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Mr. Bezos’s phone was hacked in May 2018 later he got a WhatsApp message downloaded by malware.

Although in a BBC discussion, Sir Nick said WhatsApp’s encrypted information “cannot be hacked.”

And he could not identify the security defects in the application that allowed hackers to compromise their smartphones.

“Nobody tells Nick Clegg about how exploits work,” said cyber security researcher Kevin Beaumont.

According to the Guardian newspaper, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s phone was hacked he received heavy file, WhatsApp’s message containing a malicious file from the personal number’, Mohammed bin Salman which explores this report.

An inquiry showed that after receiving a message the phone secretly began to exchange huge amounts.The US Embassy in the kingdom called the allegations “absurd.”

When asked about the hack in an interview with the Today program on BBC Radio 4, Sir Nick said: “When the message was sent in transit, there could be nothing, because it was completely encrypted in WhatsApp.

“We can be sure that end-to-end encryption technology cannot be cracked.”

What was known about the security flaws in WhatsApp software was previously found.

Two significant issues were uncovered in 2019.

Phone monitoring software is only an initiated voice call, even if the recipient is not answering.

WhatsApp detects “target” surveillance attack

“I was a victim of a WhatsApp hack”

Another grant you to use direction equipment by transmitting the infected MP4 video clip to the receiver.




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