General Motors (GM) used an overview of its upcoming Super Bowl

General Motors (GM) used an overview of its upcoming Super Bowlgeneral motors,general,motors,general motors (business operation),general motors plant in oshawa,general motors (organization),general motors laying off,porsche taycan turbo s super bowl,general motors lays off,general motors us,super,audi e tron sportback super bowl commercial,audi super bowl commercial,lebron james super bowl commercial,porsche super bowl commercial,car super bowl commercials,super bowl commercials to tease Hammer’s comeback in all-electric form. Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that GM acquired a very expensive commercial Super Bowl airtime to advertise its electrified Hammer in an ad for famed athlete LeBron James. The newspaper said that the new Hummer line will be included in its GMC brand, and will not resurrect the Hummer brand, which was discontinued in 2010. GM has released several short videos promoting the return of a military-style car before a Super Bowl ad called Silent Revolution. The videos showcase an electric pickup called Hummer (GMC Hummer EV) with 1,000 horsepower, 11,500 lb-ft (15,600 Nm) of torque, and 90 mph (97 km / h) in three seconds at minimum noise and zero. emissions. The video seems to emphasize that not one of Hummer’s power, weight, and impressive appearance (such as its iconic seven-slot grille) was sacrificed when moving from a giant fuel consumer to an EV. More detailed information about its capabilities, including price and assortment, will be fully disclosed at the presentation on May 20. Sales of the GMC Hummer EV will begin at the end of 2021. An all-electric Hummer volition is created at the GM’s Detroit / Hamtramck construction manufactory beginning in the drop of 2021. This week it was published that the suspicious factory would be GM’s first technoscientific electric vehicle-making plant with an expense of $ 2.2 billion in the electric future. In addition to the GMC Hummer EV, the plant will produce a subsidiary of GM Cruise’s Origin EV, which is intended for use as a driver without a driver. Electric Hummer will compete with other powerful electric trucks that will be released next year: Tesla CyberTruck unique shape; supported by the Amazon Rivian R1T (750 horsepower and 829 lb-ft of torque), and the Ford F-150 electric pickup, which was featured in a commercial trailer towing a 450-pound train. The earliest Hammers were civilian versions of the military Humvee (Multi-Purpose High Mobility Wheeled Vehicle). They are known to be the favorite vehicle of action star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who modified the Hummers to run on hydrogen, biofuels, and electricity for personal use. TRANSPORT ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY ADVERTISING

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