Here is Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2020

Martin Luther king was an American minister and activist who becomes most visible leader and spokesperson .He was a great leader and having great leadership qualities.

Today is Martin Luther Day. Please share with us .How you are celebrating this day with your family. You can share it on our Facebook page or you can send us in our contact us page. Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929.At birth, his name was Michael King. His father name was also Michael King but later on 1934, they both changed their names.

He was a leader who makes vanished discriminations from America and he gave all people equal rights. Martin Luther king. His speech is very popular which was delivered by him on the moment, when a lot of people were gathered in protest in Washington D.C. He said in his speech that “I HAVE A DREAM”. Some-one said that what is dream?

He started to explain his dream in this way that

I am saying you mine friends that today and tomorrow, there are so many difficulties for us. But I still have a dream which is deeply rooted in the basis of America.

I dreamed that one day this nation will live without any discrimination and they will not believe on their creed. This nation will forget discrimination between them. As every man knows that all men are created equally. So, they have equal rights.

I have a dream that on one day above Red Hills of Georgia sons of former slaves and sons of their former owners will sit on the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that One day even the state of Mississippi will become a peaceful state and it will become a great state where people will live without any color and cast discrimination.

I have a dream that on one day mine four little children will live in a state, where they will not be judged by their color of skin but they will be identified by the quality content in their character.

In 1968, Martin Luther king and SCLC organized the COMPAIGN FOR POOR PEOPLE to tell them issues of justice. King was Christian. This was short description about Martin Luther King. On 15th January people celebrate the day in memory of King. Please share with us today. How you are spending these days.

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