Microsoft earnings up as cloud business continues its expansion

New York (CNN Business) Microsoft published income and profits in plenty of expectations for the three months closing in December, quickly exceeding examiners’ views and posting its dividends by 3% after selling ended on Wednesday.

CEO Satya Nadella said,“We are innovating at every level of our differentiated technology flue and heading in principal worldly ranges that are risky to the progress of our clients.

Sales at Microsoft (MSFT) were up 14% from the previous year to $ 36.9 billion for the quarter, the company said Wednesday. Adjusted net income also rose sharply – 36% to $ 11.6 billion. High performance in the quarter was driven by Microsoft’s continued cloud growth streak. Revenue from the intelligent cloud division surpassed Wall Street analysts’ forecasts and reached $ 11.9 billion in three months, driven by 62% growth in Microsoft Azure’s key cloud business.

Cloud development and competition with industry-leading Amazon Web Services (AMZN) is one of Microsoft’s top priorities. In recent quarters, sales in Azure have slowed somewhat, although to a lesser extent than in AWS. However, Nucleus Research analyst Andrew McMillen said that this trend does not apply, as the cloud market is becoming more and more penetrating.

“Now, finally, there is a moment of saturation, when less attention is paid to the one who can capture a larger share of the market than the one who can create more use cases,” said Macmillen.

Microsoft could help in this area through its center on the fake account and increased actuality, as well as its corporate contributions.

The company’s fertility and industry section increased 17% over the quarter, gratefulness to substantial extension in Office 365 and Dynamics 365. MacMillen said the development could be a clue that Microsoft is growing brand identification in business settings, where it struggles with organizations such as  Salesforce (CRM) and Oracle (ORCL).

Microsoft is “one of the few that can really marry the two: cloud hosting and all this machine learning and artificial intelligence … with comprehensive and end user-accessible technologies” for business customers, such as customer relationship management and supply chain management software, MacMillen said.


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