New Barbie dolls feature vitiligo and hairless models in bid to boost diversity

Mattel, the organization behind the famous toy, said in a comment that the brand requires to prove a “multidimensional appearance at fashin and beauty” through further additions to its Barbie Fashionistas list.

Barbie doll maker has released new objects to develop the series, including a hairless doll and a vitiligo-skinned doll. Mattel said the model Vitiligo gadget, which debuted on last year’s Barbie Instagram side, has converted her usual popular edition always.

The company said: “If a girl endures hair wound for any purpose, she can view her image in a line.”Speaking of Barbie without hair. Vitiligo affects flaws of skin to misplace their color

A doll with an orthopedic leg and another with a wheelchair connected custom models, last year.

The organization has increased its assortment of prosthetic dolls by joining different models current year to its stock.

To present his unique prosthetic model, Mattel acted with Jordan Reeves, a disability activist who was then 12 years ancient, who was born externally a left forearm.

Other dolls in the 2019 Fashionistas line offered a variety of appearance options, including a braided hair formation and also pragmatic body varieties ( less pronounced waist and smallest bust clearer hands).

Mattel has added more variety to its Barbie range by offering dolls with different skin tones, eye colors,  clothes, and hairstyles. In 2017, the company introduced the first Barbie in hijab.

According to company representatives, last year the two best-selling Barbie Fashionista dolls in the UK were in wheelchairs.

After the launch in 2015, the Barbie Fashionistas line-up totals more than 170 “various dolls”. Barbie dolls were previously criticized for adhering to a subtle white home ideal.

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