President Trump Gets Big Cheers at College Football Title Game

NEW ORLEANS  in  football history  president of  America and first lady  and daughter  of  Donald trump   cheers  and watch  football  match  which was played  between No 1 Louisiana state university and  No 3 Clemson battle  which loss her match and out  from college football playoff .

President Trump and first lady are going to Louisiana on Monday night game.

It will be the great game. It is a different game and most people in the world watch it and enjoy this game. It is popular and the most played game in the world. And says the couples when they were going back to White House.

Football is the famous and most played game in the world. It has simple rules and almost it is played in everywhere. And most of the  people like it and this game is also played in the school colleges and every department of education. Most of children like this game .This game make healthy and maintain the fitness of the players.

In the 21 century approximate 250 million football players and 1.3 billion people liked to watch the football game.

Each school has same rules of this game. And some new rules were added in this game which was universally not accepted by everyone. Many clubs say about new rules that they might try to retain the old rules.

In the football game two teams have 11 players and they can use every part of their  body except their arms between playing and pass through to other players. The team which makes more goal ,they will win game.

Before starting, match’s  president and first lady came into the ground and singing national anthem with crowd  and fans of both teams cheered anthem with Donald trump and  Melanie Trump. And some people were saying USA, USA and some were saying four more years.

Trump also know about both teams they participate LSU game when they played against Alabama.

Trump met them in  Clemson’s players and coaches in White House , when they  win 2019 championship final. And arrange fast food like burgers and pizza for these people. And in the white house cups filled to the fries.

In new york city when president Trump came here, for seeing match of martial arts  world series in Washington  and many peoples insult and  laugh on Trump.

President Trump attend last month army-navy football match and heartily welcome to the president at the LUS-Alabama match.

While the president Trump under our designation talk to the players and say college football team avoid the argument of political issues.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., whoever to say about Clemson forespeak to play with and going to abroad with Trump. And Graham are not support to Trump as a president.

Joe Burrow says this time,about football is a wonderful game and in this game everyone is president but this game opposite to the political and players can’t involve politics in this game. And say about Trump political career is not good.




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