‘The Bachelor’ has plenty of celebrity fans

(CNN) You are not the just one if you are now in the Bachelor period. There are a few stars who watch how airline pilot Peter Weber tries to find love in the ABC series.

Superstars Charlize Theron and Jennifer Aniston recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight regarding a dating reality play.

Both of them had thoughts about the recent return of Hannah Brown to the series. Weber was one of the runners-up when Brown was the “Hen Party” star, and the couple had an emotional conversation about whether she should join him at “The Bachelor”.

“I really think Hannah can stay home now,” Aniston said. Theron told ET: “I am putting money into the fact that Hannah B. is about to appear at some point.” “I say a sentence,” Theron said. “She appears at the suggestion and throws the entire key into the wheel.” Actresses are not the only known fans of the Bachelorette franchise.

Andrew Garfield

Believe it or not, the star of Spider-Man openly talks about his love, The Bachelor.

He spoke with Vulture in 2013, he talked about being a fan.

“Take Sean from The Bachelor:“ If I met him, I would say, “Oh my God, this is Sean Lowe!” Said Garfield. “I am amazed, but what I continue to study – and relearn – is that we are all the same.”



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