UK health service chief slams Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop’ treatments

(CNN) A senior UK health official criticized Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand for its lifestyle for promoting a treatment that poses a “significant health risk”.

Simon Stevens, executive director of NHS England, singled out Goop during a speech in Oxford on Thursday about the rise of fake health news.

Stevens arranged his views on “hesitant” wellness commodities and “dodgy systems” accessible on the Internet, telling that misleading reports on the Internet started to wrong information “about steroids.”

Netflix released the Goop Lab series this month, focusing on the Paltrow lifestyle brand.

The show shows that Goop employees are trying out various wellness treatments.

Referring to the new series, Stevens said the brand trades in procedures such as colon irrigation and coffee enemas on their own, “despite the fact that they carry significant health risks.”

Stevens added that the NHS recommendations state that there is no scientific evidence that colon irrigation – a therapy in which water releases waste from the intestines – has any health benefits.

He said that people risk their health and waste their money by buying “too good medicines.”

Stevens also emphasized vaccination disinformation, saying that Russian social media bots and anti-vaccination rhetoric undermine public confidence in major vaccines.

Earlier this month, Goop raised a smirk for selling the so-called vaginal suppository for $ 75.

In 2018, the wellness company received fines for “unsubstantiated claims” related to two Gupa vaginal eggs and a product similar to essential oil. The company agreed to pay fines of $ 145,000.

CNN turned to Gup for comments on Stevens’ speech.

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